Mon - Fri: 8:00AM to 5:30PM 49 Scott Street, Scottburgh, 4180
Emergency Line: 039 978 3344 / 078 864 5534

Khanya Hospice

Khanya Hospice operates in the Upper South Coast area of KwaZulu-Natal.

Dr Morris has been a board member of the hospice since 2008, and also serves as the medical officer for the hospice on a voluntary basis.

The vision, mission and values of the hospice are:

  • To provide high quality palliative care to the terminally ill patient & all patients with life threatening illness on the Upper South Coast of KZN, & provide support for their families.
  • Creed: You matter because you are, you matter until the last minute of your life and we will do all that we can not only to help you die in peace and dignity, but also to live as fully as possible.

The community of the Upper South Coast can expect the following from Khanya Hospice:

  • Palliative Care:
    • The active total care of patients at a time when their disease is no longer responsive to curative treatment.
    • Specialised care in pain and other symptom control, ensuring quality of life for the patient and family.
    • Affirmation of life and regards dying as a normal process.
    • Personalised care, where patients know their professional staff and/or caregiver by name, and the professional staff and/or caregiver know the patient and immediate family’s names.
  • Professional Staff and Caregivers:
    • Supported in their work, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so that they can provide a sustainable, caring service.
    • That work as part of a network of organisations involved in health care
    • Supported by doctors that are available to give medical support and advice.
    • Provide care that meets the standards set by the the Hospice & Palliative Care Association (HPCA) of South Africa.
  • Type of Care:
    • Care at home, with the support of professionally trained staff.
    • A service that is free of charge, and the cost of care is covered by donations. Should a patient have medical coverage, medical aid will be billed.
    • Equipment available on loan, to patients when necessary.
    • Access arranged to in-patient care, in the event that the professional staff, patient and family feel this is now appropriate.
  • Bereavement support:
    • For families irrespective of race, religion, colour or creed.
  • Community Responsibility:
    • To be called upon to support Hospice through donations or donating your time and skills as a volunteer.
  • A service that is needs driven, not systems driven.