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Scottburgh Private Hospital

For many years, the General Practitioners have sought to develop a Hospital in the Umdoni area. Various hospital groups have been approached, and many initiatives bogged down.

A small group of G.P.’s from the local Mid- South Coast Independent Practitioners Association (I.P.A.) approached the Hibiscus Hospital Group, an independent hospital group who built Hibiscus Hospital in Port Shepstone and are developing Cato Ridge Hospital.

Dr Morris was amongst a group of 10 G.P.’s involved in the negotiations and who invested in the development of the hospital several years ago. Processes were slow, but a licence was granted by the Department of Health for a 40-bed day hospital with 2 theatres.

The completion of the day hospital has been delayed by a court case. No progress has happened in 2019, and it is hoped that the project will continue later in 2020.

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