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Biokinetics uses scientifically based physical activity to either help prevent disease or assist in rehabilitation after injury or disease.

The word “biokinetics” is two part: “bio” meaning life and “kinetics” meaning movement. In essence, biokinetics strives to improve quality of life through movement instead of medication.

A Biokineticist can help manage a variety of conditions such as Orthopaedics, Chronic Diseases, Neurological Conditions, Biomechanics / Ergonomics and High Performance Training such as athletes may require.

Assessments include posture analysis, biomechanical assessments, health screenings, body fat and BMI, flexibility, strength, endurance and power analysis, VO2 max tests and high performance testing.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Inactive individuals wanting to manage their risk against disorders such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases
  • Individuals requiring rehabilitation from sports / orthopedic injuries, orthopedic conditions or physical disabilities
  • Individuals requiring pre- and post-operation rehabilitation
  • Athletes wanting to attain optimal performance for their specific sport
  • Individuals wanting to improve their overall health / wellness
  • Corporate employers wanting to improve the health, wellness and productivity of their staff

Local Biokineticists:

MRK Biokinetics Scottburgh 039 976 0101