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Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day

21 February 2020

Study after study has shown that exercise produces extra-ordinary benefits. Going for regular walks reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke by 31%. An analysis of 655 000 people in 2012 found that being active for just 11 minutes a day after the age of 40 yielded 1.8 years of added life expectancy. Being active for an hour or more a day improved life expectancy by 4.2 years.


As well as strengthening bones, exercise boosts your immune system, nurtures hormones, lessens the risk of getting diabetes and a number of cancers (including breast & colorectal), improves mood, and even staves off senility. As has been noted many times, there is probably not a single organ or system in the body that does not benefit from exercise. If someone invented a pill that could do for us all that a moderate amount of exercise achieves, it would instantly become the most successful drug in history.


Bill Bryson, The Body, London, Doubleday, 2019.

How you can start creating a healthy lifestyle: